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A GTA Family Lawyer

Mervyn White, B.A., LL.B., LL.M

Mervyn represents clients with all types of family law disputes, from straight forward processes such as negotiating prenuptial agreements, to representing clients in trials and arbitrations involving more complex issues such as international custody and access disputes, interjurisdictional mobility disputes, high income support and high net worth property disputes. 

Regardless of the complexity of his clients’ disputes all of his clients receive the same dedicated and focused care from Mervyn.  Each of his clients’ disputes is seen by Mervyn as being unique and coming with unique challenges and rewards. Mervyn firmly believes that “cookie cutter” approaches don’t work to advancing his clients’ interests; Mervyn works one on one with his clients to know the circumstances that make their disputes unique; he works directly with his client to learn what their interests are and what goals they hope to attain.  He does all this so that he can best represent the interests of his clients.

Whenever possible, Mervyn will negotiate a settlement of his clients’ disputes.  Mervyn is keenly aware of how costly family law disputes can prove to be; because of this, he will focus at the first instance on trying to get his clients’ the best possible settlement for them that he can in a time and cost-efficient manner.

But Mervyn won’t compromise his clients’ interests to get settlements, and he is not afraid to litigate disputes before a judge or arbitrator, if litigation is the best way for him to represent his clients’ interests.  When trials or arbitration are required, Mervyn brings his years of experience successfully advocating for his clients before judges and arbitrators to bear, and diligently and passionately advance his clients’ positions to the best of his abilities.

Mervyn enjoys the challenge of trials and arbitrations; in fact, he enjoys it so much and is so comfortable being before judges and arbitrators that other family law lawyers who have not be able to successfully negotiate a settlement of their clients’ disputes—or whom are uncomfortable in court or arbitration settings– will refer their clients to Mervyn to take over the trials or arbitrations of the disputes.  Many lawyers don’t like doing trials and arbitrations; Mervyn, on the other hand, not only likes them–he thrives on them.

Mervyn is often called upon by other family law lawyers to take a ‘fresh’ look at files and provides second opinions, especially on issues of strategy and how best to advance disputes. Often, other family law lawyers will refer their clients’ disputes to Mervyn when appeals are needed or launched. Next to trials and arbitrations, Mervyn loves appeal work.  He finds it intellectually challenging.

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