Tom Humphries -

"I would describe Merv as tenacious and with a game plan. He went through his game plan systematically, hitting all the points he wanted to make. He has a strong knowledge of custody law, case law, courtroom proceedings, is an extremely good speaker and can shift gears as the flow of the proceedings change. Very importantly, he has a lot of trial experience. Mr. White has a strong work ethic. He showed up prepared, as well as determined to do his utmost to win our case. Above being a lawyer, Merv lightened the stress for my daughter throughout the high conflict trial, keeping her informed throughout the process, and keeping conversation light during breaks in the proceedings. For that I will be forever grateful."

Lynn Keimel

"As a freelance Family Law Clerk, I have had the pleasure of working along side Merv on an extremely high conflict file, involving severe allegations of parental alienation. To complicate matters further, Merv had taken over the file from another lawyer, was up against a large, downtown firm and was faced with a trial weeks away. Merv was extremely focus driven, and very knowledgeable in the area of parental alienation. His strong advocacy skills were definitely an asset, in that he was able to negotiate an extremely fair resolution of the parenting issues, thereby avoiding a costly trial. Throughout my career I have worked with many lawyers, and can honestly say without doubt, that I would recommend him to family and friends, having peace of mind that they would receive the best legal representation they could get."

Morley Armstrong

"I have known Merv White and he has represented me since the beginning of 2013, so over 7 years. I have been extremely well served by him, and he has impressed me as an outstanding and ethical lawyer. He is fair, understanding, and dedicated. He is equally competent and skilled in his preparation, strategy, communication, negotiation, and in court. In addition to being a family law expert, he is also a great guy. While our relationship remains professional, I consider Merv a friend. In fact, when I had my retirement ceremony, I invited him and he attended. I would highly recommend Merv to anyone needing a superb family law lawyer."

David Acri, Lawyer

"Mervyn White is a seasoned trial lawyer with an excellent knowledge of the law and legal procedure. Mr. White is adept at trials and trial strategy and I have referred a number of matters to him for trials, which have been very successful for my clients. I would strongly recommend that any lawyer facing a trial refer the matter to him to ensure that the client obtains the best possible results."

Todd Jenney Family Law

“I have had the privilege to work with Merv White as a family law colleague for many years now. He is a skilled and thorough trial lawyer who is highly respected by the bench and bar. I would not hesitate to recommend clients and lawyers facing trials to him.”

Kevin D., Georgetown

"Mervyn has seen me through a difficult divorce and a high-conflict post-divorce period with an ex-wife who was determined to undermine every agreement she signed. At all times, Mervyn has been calm, reasonable, and professional, taking the time to explain the nuances of Family Law and to guide me through a process that is extremely frustrating and confusing. The end result has been is the best I could have hoped for given my situation, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of a Family Lawyer."

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