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Marriage contracts and
cohabitation agreements

When Mervyn's clients are embarking on a relationship of permanency, either by way of marriage or cohabitation, Mervyn's regular advice to them is to negotiate and have drafted a marriage contract (also known as "prenuptial") or a cohabitation agreement (for client's cohabiting and living together in a relationship of permanency). Mervyn regularly negotiates and drafts marriage contracts for clients who are planning on marrying; while for clients who will be living together in a permanent relationship but will not be marrying, Mervyn negotiates and drafts cohabitation agreements. Though the negotiation and drafting of marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements, Mervyn clarifies and protects the rights, entitlements and responsibilities of his clients related to such issues as property ownership and division, child, and spousal support, should his clients' relationships end in the future.