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Separation agreements

Negotiation and drafting of separation agreements:

When clients' relationships end Mervyn's regular advice to them is to first try and negotiate an amicable settlement of the issues that have arisen from the end of their relationships before even considering going to court. While sometimes the involvement of a court is required, most of the time, clients-with the assistance of experienced lawyers-can negotiate a settlement that is respectful of their rights, entitlements, and responsibilities. Mervyn regularly negotiates those terms of settlement and drafts a comprehensive separation agreement-a legally binding contract-which is designed to reduce those terms of settlement to writing so that clients can move on with their lives with certainty and with the knowledge that they have a clearly laid out "road map" to follow in relation to such important issues as child custody and parenting, mobility rights with children, the division of property and debts, child support and spousal support, and a regime by which clients can resolve future disputes.